Week 16 – pregnancy update

Pregnancy update time! The first of many to include general feeling, bump pics (if I remember to take them), symptoms and anything else I feel like sharing without scaring you ­čÖé I have watched so many YouTube videos of these sorts of updates since I found out and just love hearing all the different experiences women have. Pregnancy is a crazy beautiful thing, isn’t it?

I have just got past that awkward stage where no one can actually tell if your pregnant and just thinks that you have got a bit chubby. You can see people looking at your tummy but they cant say anything so you are just screaming inside ‘yeah thanks, that’s a baby, I’m not just fat!’ I have found the perfect solution now that I have announced to the world though which is to wear stretchy┬ádresses at all times. That’s right, I’ll shove my tiny bump in their face until they get the message.



So, an┬áupdate on the last 16 weeks…

Symptoms:┬áExhaustion! I have probably had the most sleep of my life recently and I’m still tired but I have been very lucky and not had any sickness so swings ‘n’ roundabouts and all that.

Cravings: Satsumas and LOADS of fruit. Probably eaten approx 7kg of satsumas over the last 4 months and I cant get enough of a punnet of red grapes. Fruit fruit and more fruit. Could be worse

Weight gain:┬á2lbs – I think I actually lost weight in the first 12 weeks due to not drinking.┬áThat makes me sound like a wino but seriously…its been hard to give up a crisp cold glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc…*mouth salivating as I type*

Worst moment: Putting all my lovely ‘normal clothes’ up in a box in the loft never to be seen again. Or at least for another year. Depressing is an understatement but maternity jeans are a purchase that have made me questions why jeans need buttons anyway!

Best moment: Our 8 and 12 week scans. The 8 week one was a real highlight as they actually confirmed I was pregnant and there was a teeny tiny human (OK, its an embryo…Tomayto/Tomahto)┬ágrowing inside. Peeing on a stick is accurate an all but I’m very impatient so needed to actually SEE it.

Nesting: This has taken on a form of its own. This is mostly down to the fact that we have put our house up for sale and so people need to see it in its ‘show home’ state and not actually how I live in it, AKA a pig sty. Mostly this has taking its shape in just dumping stuff at our parents houses but now I think about it, I have survived 3 weeks without any of that crap so maybe we don’t need it after all. Silver lining ­čÖé I have been watching a lot of YouTube vids on de-cluttering and trying to be minimal so I’m taking baby steps. Ill end up getting rid of my stuff to make way for baby products so not sure this will actually save space but we shall see.

Looking forward to: 20 weeks scan thats only 3 weeks and 2 days to go! Very much looking forward to finding out what our little Dyson is!

Stretch Marks: None so far thank god so I am continuing to douse myself in stretch mark prevention creams. Fingers crossed!
Movement: Nothing that I think could be the baby. Some uncomfortable┬áprods here and there but no ‘flutters’ and ‘pops’ which is how everyone has described it!
So there we have it, 16-ish weeks wrapped up into one post! Are you pregnant? How have you been feeling since finding out? Leave a comment below ­čÖé
Thanks for reading
Row xxx

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