Welcome to the Life Of Row!

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I’m Row, a twenty something Newbury girl married to a lovely husband called Andy and have two children (OK, they are dogs…) called Louis and Lottie.









We are also expecting our first child which we are super excited about so some of the content will be swayed towards this as I go through all the different stages and melt downs I’m bound to have over the next 9 months and beyond!

I started this blog as my love for beauty and skincare has got quite out of control. So much so, it’s got to a point where I hide my shopping bags in the boot of my car util my husband has gone out. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he loves it when I smell of cocoa butter after a bath and I don’t have spots on my face because of my new skincare routine, but when you want to try all of the products in the shop and cant help yourself but buy them all….the excuses get a little embarrassing.

Things I’m likely to write about…

Beauty products, regimes, favourites etc

Life & Style

Pregnancy through to motherhood and everything in between

I hope you enjoy what you read, please check out my Instagram life.of.row for more!

Row xxx



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